In Worcestershire our skills hub is the Worcestershire County Council Countryside Service, led by Wade Muggleton.

Wade Muggleton

Wade is helped by the Vale of Evesham Landscape Heritage Trust  and Worcester City Orchard Workers, Arthur and Tony.

Worcester City Orchard Workers


They are helping to restore orchards in Pershore, Rochford, Tenbury Wells and Alfrick.

Worcestershire is home to some of the Three Counties finest old orchards, including the plum orchards of Evesham and Pershore, celebrated at the August plum festival. To the North West are the famous apple orchards of Tenbury, also the home of the Mistletoe Fair in December, when huge quantities of mistletoe are brought into the town for sale to traders from all over the country. This too is an excuse for celebration and the annual mistletoe fair.

Albright's Orchard

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Chadbury House Orchard

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Milham Farm Orchards

Oxnalls Orchard

Old and new - Oxnalls

Partridge Orchard

Partridge orchard Oct 15

Parsonage Farm Orchard

Parsonage farm - fallen tree still fruiting

Savoury's Orchard

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School House Orchard

Pruning saws at rest, March 2015 154

Smith's Orchard


Tyler House East

Old orchard - Zeunie

Tyler House West

Tyler House Oct 31st 15 059