We have supported Gloucestershire Orchards Trust (GOT) to publish four books about the history of orcharding in the county.

All four can be purchased directly from the GOT online shop along with other volumes from the Gloucestershire Pomona and related publications.

Orchards – Those Other Industries, by Jim Chapman (2016)
ISBN: 978-0-9927394-3-0 (pp35)

Jim briefly considers how the availability of transport and a market, the mill and press and the development of the glass bottle have supported orchards and affected the choice of fruit grown

Memories of Life as an Itinerant by Martin Hayes (2016)
ISBN: 978-0-9927394-2-3 (54pp)

Drawing on his personal experiences as an itinerant labourer, Martin describes life on the road and work in the field, providing a highly colourful description of a rapidly changing countryside.

For a preview of Martin’s experiences, watch the short film below:

“This book is about a part of our rural social history which is rarely documented… Such first hand and sharply drawn accounts are rare and it provides highly colourful pictures in words of a rapidly changing countryside which must find a place in our national rural archive.”

Keith Turner, Chairman of the Gloucestershire Orchard Trust.

Native Plums of Gloucestershire by Charles Martell (2018)
Volume 4 in the Gloucestershire Pomona series
ISBN: 978-0-9927394-4-7  (46pp)

The first section of this book describes the stone fruit of Gloucestershire and completes Charles Martell’s trilogy of Gloucestershire fruit manuals (the others being Gloucestershire Apples and The Pears of Gloucestershire Perry Pears of the Three Counties).

The second section discusses what is meant by the names plum, bullace, pruin and damson and when and how they arrived in our countryside, with a brief comment on identification. Much of this section was inspired by the presentations and discussions at and following the National Stonefruit Conference organised by the Three Counties Traditional Orchard Project at Hartpury in August 2017.

It then considers the Shadow Orchard and the emergence of fruit into the managed orchard. It looks at the uses of the plum and cherry in recent centuries and today. Finally, it describes the stonefruit heritage collection being planted by Gloucestershire Orchard Trust in their orchards at Longney and its purpose.

The Shadow Orchard by Jim Chapman (2018)
ISBN: 978-0-9927394-5-4  (26 pp)

The Shadow Orchard is the name given to the fruit-bearing trees found growing outside the cultivated orchard, in hedges, woods and commons. Their origins are either as indigenous trees or as otherwise long-established features of the landscape.

In this booklet Jim Chapman explains and explores the Shadow Orchard, its fruits, uses, origins and its conservation significance and needs.