Now that the project is at an end, we are looking back over our achievements.

We set out to record and bring new life to Traditional Orchards across Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire.  We had four main aims in our work:


With the help of our orchard partners and our volunteers, we have worked to fulfil each aim.

We have restored orchards, planting new stock, improved volunteers’ skills through training events, understood the heritage, flora and fauna of traditional orchards by carrying out surveys and archive research and enjoyed creating art, performance and films to celebrate the nature and history of these wonderful sites.


As a legacy, we have surveyed both the plantstock and wider biodiversity of the traditional orchards. We have researched the history of these sites in the archives and through interviewing old orchard men, fruit growers and pickers.

Using this information, we have located and identified rare fruit stock and planted new grafts of old varieties.

We have supported research and publication of new Pomonas for Gloucestershire and Worcestershire, as well as guides to the pears and plums of the Three Counties.

Above all, we have strengthened our partnerships and creating new working relationships to guarantee the future of 34 Traditional Orchards in the Three Counties.