The Three Counties orchards

Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire have long been famous for their orchards. Traditional orchards, with their tall trees standing in pasture, are a much loved part of our three counties landscape.

Today though the picture is somewhat different; many orchards have disappeared and most of those which remain are under used or unmanaged.

Over 80% of our traditional orchards have vanished locally as farming practices have changed and land developed. Local fruit varieties have been lost too, as have our skills in looking after them.

Orchards need people

Orchards need people to keep them healthy and productive and that’s where the Three counties Traditional Orchard Project can help.

Working with local experts we’re training volunteers in practical orchard skills and helping them to improve local orchards for wildlife and discover the role they have played over the centuries.

We’re aiming to restore at least 25 traditional orchards in key orchard areas and we need volunteers to help us do it. Why not join our growing network of orchard volunteers and  help to keep our traditional orchards as part of the Three Counties landscape?

Burn off those calories ready for Christmas !

We’re looking for volunteers for our planting days in Worcestershire. All sessions will run from 10am at various sites and full details will be sent out to those signing up.

Wednesday 30th November Orchards in Chadbury and Wood  Norton in Vale of Evesham
Thursday 1st December Orchards in Alfrick
Friday 2nd December Orchards in Rochford in the Teme Valley
Wednesday 7th December Orchards in Hanley William and Eastham, Teme Valley 
To book a place contact Wade Muggleton on